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The PcE-Trainer
Biofeedback Instrument, Product Description and User Guide
Read the complete description of the PcE-Trainer and discover, that this instrument is the ideal Measurement and Training Instrument!
   1.    Overview: The PcE-Trainer
 when do you need it, what does it help you with, what does it measure
   2.    Complete Package Content and Warranty
 The instrument package is complete and ready to go
   3.    The complete User Guide
 User controls, functions, measurement and training
We offer a number of different training possibilities
   1.    Training possibilities with the PcE-Trainer
 a short introduction into different training methods
   2.    Choose the proper training for yourself
 detailed analysis of problem areas and descriptions of application specific training
   3.    Spirituality
 Meditation, psychic powers and inner peace
other ...
   1.    Biofeedback Fundamentals
 the comprehensive information about biofeedback
   2.    Cables for different Measurements
 we offer many different cables
   3.    Photos of the PcE-Trainer
 a large selection of photos to look at

Hints, Questions and Answers:
Question:  How much ist the PcE-Trainer?
Answer:  The price for the PcE-Trainer can be found on the bottom of the German Page. This price does not include shipping.
please continue reading ...
--> Überblick: Der PcE-Trainer (wann brauchen Sie Ihn, wobei hilft er Ihnen, was misst er)
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